Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Will of the People.

I just had a discussion with a coworker regarding Prop Hate. (Prop 8 to those who supported it) While I may not have totally changed his mind, I know I at least got him thinking a bit. Education is a wonderful thing. Too bad there wasn't enough of this before the election.

His position on Prop Hate is that he really doesn't care if gays get married. HOWEVER, he was angry that the Gay Community "went around" democracy to change the "will of the people" from the vote against Gay Marriage back in 2000, (when 61% of California voters approved a ballot measure, Proposition 22, that said "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California").

I had to put it to him in different terms. The will of the people for one.

Is the will of the people ALWAYS what our country should follow to make our laws?

If that were the case, we would still have slavery. If that were the case, his right to be Agnostic (or Athiest, I am not sure which he is, but I KNOW he isn't Christian), but his right to be something OTHER than Christian could be taken away, because the will of the people would push Evangelic Christianity and related religions into our government, thus taking away "freedom of religion" (This is already happening to some degree).

If the will of the people were always right, blacks would still sit at the back of the bus, have different water fountains, and SURELY not have the right to be our President! The will of the people is fine, providing our rights are not being violated. Taking away FEDERAL benefits and protections from any group of people within our United States is discrimination and should NOT be subject to the will of the people.

James Madison wrote in Federalist Paper 51: "It is of great importance in a republic not only to guard the society against the oppression of its rulers but to guard one part of the society against the injustice of the other part."

Religious beliefs should be kept in the church, not our government. I have no problem with a religion not allowing a gay couple to have their ceremony in their church if they are so inclined– but DO NOT intertwine federal and state benefits with religious beliefs. Don't quote the Bible to me and insist that laws should be written based on your religious convictions. (Besides the fact that the Bible has MANY other passages they choose to omit or no longer hold sacred as they cling to their homophobia.)

Civil Unions are NOT the same as Marriage AND are only offered in 7 states. Outside of those 7 states, their unions aren't even recognized. There are over 1,138 federal laws that deal with the benefits and protections linked to marriage (including Social Security and tax benefits) that civil unions do not confer. If you don't allow everyone the right to benefit from these federal laws – it is discrimination.

I felt the burn of discrimination while walking around town with my "No on 8" sticker applied to my shirt. I received glares and dirty looks by those who clearly didn't agree with my position. It was then that I realized – THIS is what my son and others feel everyday. Everyday there is someone who looks at them with anger, curses at them or calls them derogatory names. Every day.

It is SO sad that this still exists in our country. As far as we've come, we are still backwards in so many ways.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Prop Hate has passed.

This is not an issue that I can "agree to disagree" on.

I am deeply saddened that what I once thought of as the great state of California - appears to have voted to write in bigoted discrimination into our state constitution.

Additionally, I have to add that I never ever would have imagined that people (friends, coworkers and acquaintances) I once respected and admired - vehemently supported this amendment. My opinions of these people have changed forever.

We as a country despise Al Queda and the Taliban for imposing their religious beliefs on their people and the world - yet we are doing the same in our own country.I understand that this is an EXTREME comparison, and we are not killing those who disagree with Christian beliefs (except for those who bomb abortion clinics...but they don't count, they are extremists) however, while the Taliban's discrimination against woman (based on their religious beliefs) is abhorred by Americans...our own (religiously based) discrimination against our gay community is acceptable.

Do any of these Pro - Prop Hate (Prop 8) folks think it would be OK if we no longer allow THEIR social security and veteran’s benefits be passed on to their spouses?How about if their inlaws didn't like them?

How would they (Prop Hate Supporters) like to be REQUIRED to hire and pay for an attorney to spell out and guarantee their right to make decisions for their incompetent or disabled husband or wife. Without it, their “inlaws” and spouses immediate family have more rights to make those decisions and could leave them out of the picture. A civil union in CALIFORNIA may offer this protection, but if the couple happens to be outside the state, these rights go away unless they hire an attorney to guarantee it. Straight couples need not spend a dime to guarantee this.

Would these Pro- Prop Hate straight married couples agree to be taxed on transfers and gifts to each other? How about inheritance? They should now be REQUIRED to hire an attorney to spell out their inheritance. Married straight couples are guaranteed to inherit their spouse’s estate without a will and are not required to spend a dime to make it happen – it’s automatic. Many CHOOSE to write wills and trusts, but their spouse gets it all if they don’t.I

I think these Pro-Pop Hate straight married couple’s inheritance passed on to their spouses should now be fully taxed at the federal level. That’s what gay couples are subject to. (Inheritance’s to spouses of straight “marriages” are not taxed at the federal level – “civil unions” are.)

While being married hasn’t helped my tax status, filing jointly CAN reduce taxes for some. Let’s just take that away from straight couples too. Gay couples cannot file federal tax returns jointly.

So DON’T tell me this isn’t discrimination. Giving straight couples specific FEDERAL benefits and denying them to gay couples is discrimination.Just pray for forgiveness and you Prop Hate Supporters will all be OK. Forget how you supposed Christian’s have judged, hurt and discriminated against so many of God’s children. He’ll forgive you. They may still be deprived of the benefits you have, but you’ll be forgiven.

And to the woman who asked me in Ralph’s if anchovies are considered shell fish, no my dear, I am pretty sure they have fins and scales, so you can eat them all you want and not go to hell. But heck, go ahead and have some shrimp..have some lobster too. If you ask, you’ll be forgiven. God's good that way.

At least we got Obama.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Right Wing - Mr. Scott is not so hostile, but still missing the point

Here's James Scott's latest reply to me:

Here is the text you sent:"Or at least a lot of people truly believe that these days. That one seemed to have worked. Stupid stupid people." (This was your insult towards people who know of Lt. Colonel North's hearings..) And those comments are deserving of the same! "Even McCain is having to rebut it to his followers...(although it seems ok for Palin to keep inferring that he "PALS around with Terrorist.") Ugh. So tired of this stuff."Again, your words, facts are something you may not be interested in but should be available...

WILLIAM AYERS is not someone many would have as a Professor at a college, apparently you feel differently. That is you and BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and his pals, like LOUIS FARRAKHAN, JEREMIAH WRIGHT and PFELGER. MORE HATE AMERICA CRAP...Read Dinish D'Souza's book, here is a Muslim telling us why they hate us! The main reason Muslims hate us, according to this Muslim is our lack of Religious Conviction or Adherence, that and our lack of morals...oh yes and we are not yet a Islamic Nation, much to Louis Farrakhan's dismay and others.

"check it out before you pass it on. If you can't verify it, don't pass it on." I would challange you to do the same.

As for how to read Lt. Colonel North's Congressional testimony, you are on the right track, if I locate the manuscript, with my work schedule before you, I'll be more than happy to forward. And by the way, it doesn't seem a little odd to you that no one is a little concerned with national security, not even McCain, that they would at least ask the man about this reality. They pound other politicans on everything and this is completely overlooked. No I am not comfortable without questions and answers, not at this time in our history and the war Radical Islam has wagged on all of the world. I wish I could say it has been nice speaking to you but the indignation of being called stupid brings out my disdain for those perverting truth, and I have no recourse but to stand for truth.

Call me what you may, but to us you are the very, very scary don't recognize terrorist from within, another good read "Enemy from Within" by Dinesh D'Souza. Book reference to the testimony is "Taking the Stand", which by the way, I believe he did not receive loyalities from because it is Public Record. I see your preference is the Obama ticket with the blessings of the Leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan and the "God damn America" pastor of Obama, Mr. Jeremiah Wright. Very impressive also is the self proclaimed terrorist William Ayers, still standing on the flag of the United States of America on the cover of his last book in what 2001. Yea this is what I look for in the President of the United States!!!

Let's just agree to disagree, if you want truth the book is still available and my guess is, still part of our Public Records, at least today.

I'm a tax-paying, hard working, bitter gun owner too...Proud to be voting against Barack Hussein Obama. STAND FOR SOMETHING OR FALL FOR ANYTHING.


Here's what I had to say in reply:

Mr. Scott,

Let me say that I appreciate the reduction in anger in your tone. It was truly uncalled for in your previous emails, and I do not believe that I have been that way toward you or any others who believe differently than me.

Yes, I do believe that anyone who believes that Obama is an ARAB and a TERRORIST which is what I said - are stupid stupid people. He is neither. Yet there are many people, like the one McCain corrected when that comment was made, who seem to believe this because they have heard it repeated over and over...

My email with information disputing what you sent regarding Oliver North, and my comments about Obama only made reference to passing on incorrect or untrue statements. (As compared to you venomous rampage with questionable accusations - at best - made in your response.)

I too have a distain for those preventing the truth or distributing lies and falsehoods - which is why I referenced calling Obama an Arab and a terrorist. I didn't call YOU stupid in the original email – although maybe you must have just taken it personal because you DO believe him to be both Arab and a terrorist.

You also clearly believe the exaggerations of the Ayers connections. From what I have seen and read, Obama has not denied these connections, and made full disclosure of what they were, but that is not enough for those who don't agree with his ideology or campaign, as there continue to be many implications that imply that it is more than he has stated.

It has been documented (as well as agreed to by Obama) that the connection is limited to a few occasions/situations.

Here is what is documented: (Please provide factual documentation that indicates the relationship is more than this.)

Ayers hosted a meet the candidate in his home and gave a $200 contribution to his campaign when Obama ran for Senate – AND they were both on two charity boards. (And they live in the same neighborhood - big deal.)

The Charitable boards they worked on jointly were the Woods Fund, and the Annenberg Challenge Project - which by the way was funded by Nixon Ambassador and Reagan friend Walter Annenberg. Republican Governor Jim Edgar, who wrote to Walter Annenberg to encourage the creation of the Challenge, joined Mayor Daley to announce the formation of the Challenge and his administration continued to work closely on education reform with the Board. John McCain has praised an initiative funded by the Challenge. The Challenge's work is still carried on today through to the bipartisan Chicago Public Education Fund, which coordinates closely Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan and Mayor Daley to improve teacher performance and has included such board members as Illinois Republican Party Chair Andrew McKenna - Hardly a liberal group of supporters would you say?

I have not seen anything other than accusations that the relationship goes further than that.

One could also claim that McCain pals around with terrorists in the same way as has been asserted by you and others:

G. Gordon Liddy hosted a fundraiser in his own home for McCain's senatorial re-election campaign (giving $4,000 then, and another $1000 this year for his presidential run) The two have posed for photographs together; and as recently as May, 2007. As a presidential candidate, McCain was recently the a guest on Liddy's syndicated radio show.

McCain actually heaped praise on his values, saying that he was "proud" of Liddy, and praised Liddy's "adherence to the principles and philosophies that keep our nation great." Which values does he praise??

During the same period that Bill Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground, Gordon Liddy has acknowledged preparing to kill someone during the Ellsberg break-in "if necessary"; plotting to murder journalist Jack Anderson; plotting with a "gangland figure" to murder Howard Hunt to stop him from cooperating with investigators; plotting to firebomb the Brookings Institution; and plotting to kidnap "leftist guerillas" at the 1972 Republican National Convention -- a plan he outlined to the Nixon administration. (The murder, firebombing, and kidnapping plots were never carried out; the break-ins were.) These are things he ADMITS to.

During the 1990s, Liddy also reportedly instructed his radio audience on multiple occasions on how to shoot Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agents.

This is a person McCain admires and is proud of?

McCain's comments about his friendship with Liddy is this (on David Letterman last week): "I know Gordon Liddy. He paid his debt. He went to prison, he paid his debt, as people do. I'm not in any way embarrassed to know Gordon Liddy."

This to me sounds like the pot calling the kettle black my friend.

McCain recently condemned an add regarding Obama's connection with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and he has publicly asked state party leaders to take it off the air.

(Quoting his response) Again, your words, facts are something you may not be interested in but should be available...WILLIAM AYERS is not someone many would have as a Professor at a college, apparently you feel differently. That is you and BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and his pals, like LOUIS FARRAKHAN, JEREMIAH WRIGHT and PFELGER. MORE HATE AMERICA CRAP...Read Dinish D'Souza's book, here is a Muslim telling us why they hate us! The main reason Muslims hate us, according to this Muslim is our lack of Religious Conviction or Adherence, that and our lack of morals...oh yes and we are not yet a Islamic Nation, much to Louis Farrakhan's dismay and others.

First of all, there is no need to reference books regarding how much we are hated by the Radical Islamic Muslims. I would ALSO agree that the Radical Islamic Muslims do hate us, and will always be a threat to our country.

That does not mean ALL Muslims are terrorists, so I do hope you are not bigoted in that assumption being inferred by many. And while you may believe your religion is the only religion, and those who aren't a part of it are damned to hell… this is a free country (one reason we are the best country in the world) so I would also hope that you do not hold judgment over any who have different beliefs.

I will be honest, I have not gotten to researching the Farrakhan's or Pfelger's connection…but I will. Again, I welcome factual reference to the connections you infer.

Secondly, I would not take any classes from Ayers, nor do I support the acts he committed in the past, but having associations with people who we don't agree with happens to us all. And if I DID take a class from him, it certainly wouldn't make ME a terrorist. I have personally been on school boards with MANY people I disagreed with, and currently work with Board members I personally detest, but it does not align me with them or their beliefs. Can you for a moment see how that could possibly be the case with Obama?

(Quoting his response) check it out before you pass it on. If you can't verify it, don't pass it on. I would challange you to do the same.

What had I not verified in the first email I sent? While you may not like the references I used, I HAD researched story…you included nothing to confirm the allegations in your original post regarding the Oliver North Osama connection…

However you were very quick to insinuate that you HAD read the testimony in the Library of Congress records implying that anyone who hadn't done so is a moron - quite uncalled for, rude.., and hypocritical I might add. (FYI, I did see the book "Taking the Stand" listed at the library records, but it was not available, and none of my local book stores had it, as it is out of print - but I was making every attempt to find it sans buying it online.) Nonetheless, even the Senate website disputes the claim, so what more do you need? Or do you think there is a conspiracy to hide the truth even there in some way?

(Quoting his response) the "God damn America" pastor... I'm a tax-paying, hard working, bitter gun owner too...Proud to be voting against Barack Hussein Obama. STAND FOR SOMETHING OR FALL FOR ANYTHING.

As for "God damn America" - I believe that Ms Palin's support of the Alaskan Independence Party should be equally un patriotic and un American. No ,she is not currently a member, (though there are reports that she and her husband were members in 1994 - but I have not found more than an ABC report quoting the parties secretary at the time making the claim) but she herself said a video for the Alaska Independence Party convention that she "shares their parties vision...".

Part of their platform (according to their website) is to "seek the complete repatriation of the public lands, held by the federal government, to the state and people of Alaska in conformance with Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, of the federal constitution....and To prohibit all bureaucratic regulations and judicial rulings purporting to have the effect of law, except that which shall be approved by the elected legislature." which in a nutshell, they advocate that the 49th state declare itself a sovereign nation. And party representatives have been quoted as saying they have "no use for America or her damned institutions," and in their own words puts Alaska, not "country," first?

Being a gun owner is great – we all have that right – to which I ALSO agree – being a bitter gun owner is scary.

We can agree to disagree, because clearly we believe different information sources – and nothing will probably change that – but I DO welcome factual information – not allegations - about the claims you make.

And let me also say, that while your original email was quite hostile and in my opinion inflammatory, the exchange has been educational probably for both of us – which is a good thing.

Monday, October 20, 2008

OMG! Radical Extremist Right Wing Idiots

I recently replied to an email that a friend sent that claimed Oliver North had outed Osama Bin Ladin back when he was questioned during the Iran Contra scandal (supposedly by Al Gore no less.)

I googled online to see if it was factual, and found many references, including the - that indicated it was false. So being the vigilant person that I am, wanting to squash the false information from being passed on to those who don't do any research...(As has happened OVER and OVER and OVER with false information about Obama.)

I replied to all who had received the email, with links to the websites I'd found repudiating (McCain's favorite word) the story.

Here's two more links that I found later that can validate that the Ollie story is fictional:

The Really SCARY thing is that this fella represents SO MANY uneducated Republicans that really believe this stuff. The damage these idiots can do to our country by conitnually passing on false information and lies is right up there with other terrorists. Extreme religious freaks that think their way is the only way ~ forcing their beliefs upon everyone regardless of the outcome...and anyone who disagrees -it's to hell with all of those who think differently.

Here is his RIDICULOUS unedited reply (in blue) I got from a JAMES SCOTT Might I add that I don't know him from Adam, but he was the original sender of the email that was forwarded to me from my friend.)

The thing is, if you didn't know any better, you'd think he might know what he was talking about as he spews the capital letters no less... to make his point...

Here is his reply:

That subject line was meant for you, you don't have a clue...You should have checked it out yourself with a reliable source, one that is not on the Obama Advertising Campaign !! One lie of yours at a time for people who obviously don't give a hoot about Truth, America or her Safety!! I will also be glad to forward this information, for as of today, it is still history. We are not sure how long it will take to be changed for the politically correct, "America the Terrible" crowd such as Professor William Ayers and his cronies that would love to try and alter it~~

Number One: It would help if you just had some recent American History, not to mention Islamic History but since you don't, here is some facts for you and those idiot sites you reference, available through what is currently known as READING...It is called Documented Historical Records on Colonial Oliver North's Televised Hearings, (remember those you genius?) Well, for those who have watched this, and there were millions, as it was televised and later put into PRINT, notwithstanding the most famous one, ARCHIVED IN THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, I dare you to pick up a copy at your LIBRARY AND READ FOR YOURSELF. The information passed on is absolute, factual & definitive, and it cannot be altered by the likes of you, NOR THE OTHERS WHO SIMPLY JUST CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! Everything that was said concerning Colonial Oliver North are FACTS...and you, along with or the proven along with CNN (Communist News Network) or the most unreliable the Dis-Associated Press, just plain CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH~~

Number Two: Just to entertain your cover up, one only has to look at on BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and the claim that was made months ago on him being raised Muslim! They state that as False, their reason for this is 'He attended only as a young child but wasn't influenced". Now, genius, you may have your head stuck in the sand or other places... but not all of us follow that thinking or denial on your part!! He not only was schooled in a Madrassa in Kenya, at an early age, where there was Radical Islamic teaching, but also his biological Father and Step-Father raised him in the Muslim Faith. That should have been enough for to state the claim anything but False, he attended and was raised as a Muslim and anyone who wants to know the truth that is also available, because BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, ACKNOWLEDGED IT HIMSELF...AGAIN IT IS CALLED READING, his book would help...they even follow the false statement claim with the listed history and further it with near Advertising plug for him!! You, with your referenced information sites, that guess what, Miss Genius, these sites are ran by someone who we don't even know, nor, know anything about them or their political agenda, who imputed the information they word and deem correct and people like you don't question the in EXTREMELY FALSE INFORMATION...but you would have us just accept and believe they are truthful statements, even though on Colonial North it is archived!! You just proved another INACCURATE CLAIM AND FALSE STATEMENT concerning Colonial Oliver North, WHICH WITH YOUR HELP THEY ARE PERPETRATING!

Number Three: The Imam at that school was of the Radical Islamic Doctrine, maybe you can do some actual research on this and fill us in with his Name in the future, it is out there and I don't have it available at present or I would be glad to share.His Mother was either Atheist or Agnostic at best.His, so called pastor of 20 Years is of the Radical AFRICAN THEOLOGY, WHICH, IF HIS TIRADE WASN'T ENOUGH TO PROVE IT, with his "God Damn America" in the house of God, YOUR TOO SICK TO HELP ANYWAY...they ARE indoctrinating or educating, whichever your little senses can handle, a movement and mind set that would have an AFRICAN STATE IN AMERICA, not AFRICAN-AMERICAN, DO YOU GET IT YET...and another issue BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA GAVE SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNTS TOO this extended arm of Jeremiah Wright and others, for 20 years...EVEN THOUGH CHARITY IS NOT A LARGE MONETARY CONSIDERATION OF HIS...COUPLE THAT WITH ACORN and his donation there, I'M SURE YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH on this either but they will come out!!ON TOP OFthe NOT TO BE REVEREND JEREMIAH WRIGHT HIS OTHER CONNECTIONS ARE: LOUIS FARRAKHAN, have you heard of him or the self proclaimed Terrorist William Ayers, who you apparently attended some of his classes in the University of Illinois, cause you have the same appreciation for truth. Well, most people feel they have the right to bring this information to the public because when Terrorist are now teaching in our Institutions of higher Education, we are the only ones who will??

Number Four: Discernment takes looking at numerous circumstances surrounding a case and having the insight to question the outcome of each scenario?? Many are concerned that anyone who has the top military secrets and military might of the United States of America be above reproach. At this time in our History with the Radical Islamic Movement that has taken hold through their enormous population as well as tax funded Madrasses, not only in Europe but throughout American and the world, it is time to have the facts stated!! We have them and I am not comfortable having anyone with BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA'S CONNECTIONS IN THE OVAL OFFICE, PERIOD...SOMEONE WHO HAS OPENLY STATED HE WOULD GIVE CREDENCE TO A SELF PROCLAIMED IDIOT IN IRAN WHO REPEATEDLY STATES HE WILL ANNIHILATE ISRAEL AND THE GREAT SATAN, AMERICA, NOTWITHSTANDING PRAISES THOSE WHO ATTACKED US ON OUR SOIL, DID WE MENTION THAT... IF FACTS DON'T EFFECT YOU THEN I HOPE YOU ARE THE ONE TO SUFFER THE SHARIA LAWS AND HAVE TERRORIST ON YOUR STREETS NOT MINE.

Number Five: Educate yourself on Radical Islam and why they hate you...many Muslims are trying to tell you but you are relying on and other sites with a totally different agenda for America!

Number Six: McCain will not cower to terrorist, he has been terrorized before, too bad you haven't for you would have sense enough to be fearful that truth is being silenced. That a man with Radical Theologies is being considered for the highest office in Land with all our lives at stake in a time when war has been waged by that radical element his past has embraced!!! Maybe, you won't tire of yours friends being blown up in the streets as in Europe by the same Jihad that blew up those in the Twin Towers, or are you tired of those as well??

Number Seven: It is the Leadership of America and the blessings of America at stake. There will be no peace until the Prince of Peace Returns...For no one will know what hour he may come??We can not fathom that a Holy War has been set against us, the Jihad, the Twin Towers should have brought you that reality, but as some say, you can't fix stupid...I shouldn't be so painfully blunt, I tried to say to myself, "there go I except by the grace of God" but then after reviewing your email, noottt...again, you can't fix stupid!!!But we are to be watchman and know the time and the season to discern our future. You better get your head out of the sand or other dirty locations before it is too late..

Again, I encourage you to read, start with the Colonial North's Congressional Hearings, then Facts on Barack Hussein Obama, it wouldn't hurt to read up on the Nation of Islam's American Leader Louis Farrakhan. The list goes on but I question if accuracy is your goal??

I'm proud to be voting against Barack Hussein Obama!! (What an idiot!!)

All I can say is OMG - This guy deserves to have McCain and Palin as his president/vp.

Maybe they can all move to Alaska when they withdrawl from the US with the Alaskan Independence Party.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Drill Baby Drill

Got this paraphrased analogy from Thomas Friedman, NY Times Columnist:

On the eve of an energy technology revolution, the Republican’s use of the slogan “Drill Baby Drill” instead something like “Invent Baby Invent” or “ Revolutionize Energy Baby, Revolutionize Energy Baby” is the equivalent saying on the eve of the the IT revolution of the 80's and 90's (including the Internet), someone was out there saying “Carbon Paper Baby, more carbon paper” or “More Selectric Typewrites Baby, More Selectric Typewriters Baby”

While I do believe we should utilize the resources we have, it is MUCH more important that are putting more effort and emphasis into NEW energy.

It isn't rocket science, we need to move FORWARD here folks!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Mom's Political Manifesto

I whole heartedly agree with Blogger Helen (and Margaret) who stated: "You just can't teach an old dog a new trick… even if you put lipstick on it. Change is needed. I know because I am a fat, old dog. For too many years I've been eating more pie than I should. Jenny Craig had me doing pretty good for a few years but eventually I started eating pie again. John McCain has been part of the Republican party in Washington for 26 years. It doesn't matter what he has been saying the last few months, eventually he's going to eat the party pie again. He's old. I'm old. That's what we do. We don't suddenly switch to salad."

Here are my reasons for NOT voting Republican.

First - the war: It is my feeling that we did not go into the Iraq war to provide freedom for Iraqi’s. We began that war because there were "supposedly" weapons of mass destruction there and later potential Al Queda ties. There was no link to Bin Ladin or the atrocities of 9/11. As it turned out, there were no WMD’s.

There are many areas in this world whose people are mistreated, abused and murdered daily that we are not going to war in, or for. At the exact same time we attacked Iraq for having weapons of mass destruction; North Korea had admitted and even bragged that they were developing a nuclear weapon arsenal. In addition, their people are living in a communist society where they are not allowed freedom either, yet we did not go to war there. This may be because they do not have oil? Or at least a contributing factor.

While I greatly admire our service men and woman, I do not support the battle they are there for, regardless of how strongly they feel they are doing good there. We can not win a battle that is not ours to fight. When we discovered there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction to be found, we should have left then, rather than stay and aggravate and even participate in their civil war. I do not feel that our lives as Americans are being protected by our presence there.

There is no doubt the Iraqi’s are benefiting greatly by our presence in their country, but it is our people, our own service men and women who are losing their lives there, and our money, that is going down the toilet, everyday we remain there.

I wonder what it is that we Americans are gaining by our presence there?

Dufar can benefit from our presence.
Georgia could benefit from our presence.
North Korea could benefit from our presence.
Heck, we can’t even get aid to the victims in Myanmar because of their political control.

But we are not at war in any of those places. It is my feeling that we are greatly handicapped in terms of defense because there are so many troops in Iraq fighting a battle that is not ours. Our country would benefit more from them searching in Afghanistan and Pakistan for Bin Ladin and other Al Queda forces, not fighting and cleaning up their civil war.

So for anyone to imply that I am in some way unpatriotic because I don’t support the Iraq war is an insult. My patriotism is for doing what’s right for OUR people and OUR country, and I don’t think the Iraq war has done anything for either.

And for McCain to say we need to stay there until we "win the war" is ridiculous. It is not OUR war to win. We need to get out and use that money to help our OWN country win our current battle - the economy!

Let’s talk other issues.

My son is gay; out and acknowledged gay. Let me assure you, this is NOT a choice a person makes. Would someone CHOOSE to be spit on, harassed, and discriminated against?

Would I prefer he was straight? Yes. – but not because I care who he may sleep with. How would you feel, knowing that your child will be discriminated against, picked on, harassed, and given less rights than others? He gets out of bed every day and does the same things that every other 17 year old does. He’s no different than any other kid. But he will be treated differently than others every day of his life because he’s gay. It is for this reason, and this reason alone that I wish he was not gay.

I can tell you, that he was suicidal and suffered major depression while he struggled with his sexuality. I can also assure you that this is not a choice. Does the Bible say it’s a sin? Maybe – JUST as it says in the same chapter that eating shell fish (shrimp, lobster and the like) is the same term - Blasphemy. Is it OK to forgive and forget our shrimp cocktail, but condemn our gay children? I think not.

While it may state that homosexuality and eating crustaceans are sins (blasphemy), it also states in other books of the Bible that a woman who is raped, should marry their rapist, and a widow should marry and become the property of her brother-in-law if her husband dies. I do not believe that the Bible is a book to follow literally, but a book to learn from. It is stories written thousands of years ago by mortal men. THEN interpreted and reinterpreted a thousand times, by (yet again) other men. Not one book in the Bible is written by Jesus.

Why is it that there are so many cafeteria Christians trying to force their beliefs into the lives of others - those who pick and choose the parts in the Book - or buffet - that they like, (or want to take literally) and those they choose to leave off their tray or no longer applies today or to them. They can live in sin until they decide to get married, then (BAM!) ask for forgiveness. They too cheat on their spouses (I personally know several "Christian" men who have) and (BAM!) ask for forgiveess....Besides, the point, doesn't the Bible state that it is not for us to judge anyways???

More over, and more importantly, is it our government's role to reduce or limit anyone's benefits because of who they have sex with OR what the Bible says? (What ever happened to the term separation of church and state?) Particularly since this abhoration is almost ALWAYS based on a religious opinion (or homophobia.).

This country is so great that it allows us to choose what religion, if any, that we want to worship. We have no right to prevent civil rights and federal benefits to someone who has different religious beliefs than the masses. They (those who push the religious aspect of marriage being only between a man and a woman) also use the issue that marriage is (in God's eyes) to promote procreation...So should those who CAN'T have children (or choose not to) be discriminated against and be denied the right to marry?? Would you like it if your son or daughter were denied these rights because he or she eats lobster with their steak? All seem ridiculous reasons to deny them the right to marry...

Take a look at this document that shows how our GOVERNMENT gives specific BENEFITS to (straight) married couples. Offering federal and state benefits to one group of people that is NOT offered to another group is discrimination. Period. A marriage license is a license issued by the state that extends specific benefits by having one. It is the state, not a church that issues this license – therefore it should be offered to all regardless if it is a straight couple or a gay couple. NOT offering it to every US citizen is absolute discrimination.

Religious beliefs should be kept in the church, not our government. I have no problem with a religion not allowing a gay couple to have their ceremony in their church if they are so inclined– but DO NOT intertwine federal and state benefits with religious beliefs.

My son deserves the same rights with his partner in life that you and I have. (shared retirement, health care benefits, tax benefits, shared social security benefits, medical decisions, etc.)

I am aware that Obama has stated that this issue should be left to the states, but at least he isn't stating that he "tolerates the gays". Palin's views are twisted and discriminatory. Exchange the word "blacks" with gays and see how that reads. "I tolerate the blacks". Hmmm....ridiculous. Simply ridiculous, and it would never be acceptable. But it's OK to use the same term for gays.

Let me say this – putting it on a ballot for the majority to decide is ridiculous. I sincerely hope you vote NO on Proposition 8 if you live in California.

Think about it this way: If we were to put it to a vote in Mississippi to make it illegal for a black man to marry a white women today, it might STILL pass making it illegal. Sometimes majority rule is not the right rule. James Madison wrote in Federalist Paper 51: "It is of great importance in a republic not only to guard the society against the oppression of its rulers but to guard one part of the society against the injustice of the other part."

A woman's right to choose..

I have friends who have had abortions. One was because of a date rape that occurred at age 15. I have much more I could say, but I do not need not go any further than that on the abortion issue... but suffice it to say that Sarah Palin is no friend of mine.

Big Government - the uberwealthy and the economy:

Take a look at this documentation about national debt. It sure appears to me that the Republican Presidents have overseen the increase in our national debt a lot more than any Democratic Presidents in office. As this document shows, "If you look at the 59-year record of debt since the end of WWII, starting with Truman's term, the difference between the two parties' contributions to our national debt level change considerably. Since 1946, Democratic presidents increased the national debt an average of only 3.2% per year. The Republican presidents stay at an average increase of 9.7% per year. Republican Presidents out borrowed and spent Democratic presidents by a three to one ratio. Putting that in very real terms; for every dollar a Democratic president has raised the national debt in the past 59 years Republican presidents have raised the debt by $2.99"

So which party really makes government "big government"? It's all just talk until you look at the numbers. It is the Bush administration (and McCain) who have continually pushed for deregulation the past 8 years - which has hugely contributed to the current status of our economy and Wall Street. (Remember the Keating 5?) The uber rich aren't hurting at all right now. The top selling zip codes in our country continue to increase in value, while the rest of our properties see huge does that work?

Was it AIG who take a $400,000 spa junket after getting bailed out?? Nice. Oh yea, that was a different pool of funds...(Are you KIDDING ME??) It's the middle and lower classes that are feeling the crunch.

Bush and his buddies are all sitting pretty. In fact, the typical taxpayer (Middle income levels of $29,000-$46,000 per year - average $36,600.) got a tax cut of $289 in 2003. That is only a cut of .789% ( For clarity, that is LESS than 1% - .point 789%) In contrast, taxpayers in the top one percent of the income scale, whose average income exceeds $1 million, (average $1,082,000) got tax cuts in 2003 of $30,127 each. That's 2.7%,! Their tax cut was more than 3 times greater than the middle class. (These figures come from information found in the Citizens for Tax Justice website - ) By the end of the decade, more than half of the President’s proposed new tax reductions would go to the top one percent.

And McCain continues to insist that Obama will raise taxes... Obama's proposed tax plan only increases taxes to the top percent of tax payers - the rest of us will see cuts. I consider his proposal a leavening for the unequal portion of the pie they got from the Bush cuts...

Now Let's talk gun rights.

Yes – I agree that we absolutely we have the right to bear arms. Our constitution's second amendment states "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." I guess that guarantees that right. Does that mean we should all be able to own an AK47 or a sub machine gun? I do not think that the general public needs an AK47 or any other other hyper powerful gun to protect our homes or for use in recreational hunting. (Or shooting wolves from a helicopter?)

It's OK to tap our phones (which I DO agree with) but it's not OK to track our guns? Why are they so afraid to require background checks and registration of their weapons? I don't get it. If you don't have anything to hide, you wouldn't be against this. Own a gun. Own 10 guns. Just pass a background check and register them all.

Finally, let me say this and I'll end my rant.

They (politicians) all twist the facts, and choose what to admit and what to omit…I just believe that the Republicans do it more and are better at it.

I whole heartedly support Obama. And until last year – I was never even involved in politics. However, although I have supported Obama since he got the Democratic nomination, it wasn't until Palin joined the McCain Ticket that I wrote a check to the Obama/Biden campaign.

For those of you who continue to send me stupid emails with rumors of Obama being a radical Muslim...or his tampered with birth certificate...or his ongoing association with terrorist Ayers...or the Democrats registering known felons...keep them to yourself. I'm not interested. I would like to suggest you check the facts before sending them, but unfortunately, the Internet has enabled facts to be distorted so much that you can find "fact checker" sites and documents that support whatever angle you want to believe - so even trying to be educated is difficult right now.

I for one, am DISGUSTED with how this administration has "managed" (MISMANAGED) our country. And I must repeat Helen's message from above.

"John McCain has been part of the Republican party in Washington for 26 years. It doesn't matter what he has been saying the last few months, eventually he's going to eat the party pie again. "

I'm tired of Republican's time for something different.... We all deserve better than the last 8 years have given us.