Monday, October 20, 2008

OMG! Radical Extremist Right Wing Idiots

I recently replied to an email that a friend sent that claimed Oliver North had outed Osama Bin Ladin back when he was questioned during the Iran Contra scandal (supposedly by Al Gore no less.)

I googled online to see if it was factual, and found many references, including the - that indicated it was false. So being the vigilant person that I am, wanting to squash the false information from being passed on to those who don't do any research...(As has happened OVER and OVER and OVER with false information about Obama.)

I replied to all who had received the email, with links to the websites I'd found repudiating (McCain's favorite word) the story.

Here's two more links that I found later that can validate that the Ollie story is fictional:

The Really SCARY thing is that this fella represents SO MANY uneducated Republicans that really believe this stuff. The damage these idiots can do to our country by conitnually passing on false information and lies is right up there with other terrorists. Extreme religious freaks that think their way is the only way ~ forcing their beliefs upon everyone regardless of the outcome...and anyone who disagrees -it's to hell with all of those who think differently.

Here is his RIDICULOUS unedited reply (in blue) I got from a JAMES SCOTT Might I add that I don't know him from Adam, but he was the original sender of the email that was forwarded to me from my friend.)

The thing is, if you didn't know any better, you'd think he might know what he was talking about as he spews the capital letters no less... to make his point...

Here is his reply:

That subject line was meant for you, you don't have a clue...You should have checked it out yourself with a reliable source, one that is not on the Obama Advertising Campaign !! One lie of yours at a time for people who obviously don't give a hoot about Truth, America or her Safety!! I will also be glad to forward this information, for as of today, it is still history. We are not sure how long it will take to be changed for the politically correct, "America the Terrible" crowd such as Professor William Ayers and his cronies that would love to try and alter it~~

Number One: It would help if you just had some recent American History, not to mention Islamic History but since you don't, here is some facts for you and those idiot sites you reference, available through what is currently known as READING...It is called Documented Historical Records on Colonial Oliver North's Televised Hearings, (remember those you genius?) Well, for those who have watched this, and there were millions, as it was televised and later put into PRINT, notwithstanding the most famous one, ARCHIVED IN THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, I dare you to pick up a copy at your LIBRARY AND READ FOR YOURSELF. The information passed on is absolute, factual & definitive, and it cannot be altered by the likes of you, NOR THE OTHERS WHO SIMPLY JUST CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! Everything that was said concerning Colonial Oliver North are FACTS...and you, along with or the proven along with CNN (Communist News Network) or the most unreliable the Dis-Associated Press, just plain CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH~~

Number Two: Just to entertain your cover up, one only has to look at on BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and the claim that was made months ago on him being raised Muslim! They state that as False, their reason for this is 'He attended only as a young child but wasn't influenced". Now, genius, you may have your head stuck in the sand or other places... but not all of us follow that thinking or denial on your part!! He not only was schooled in a Madrassa in Kenya, at an early age, where there was Radical Islamic teaching, but also his biological Father and Step-Father raised him in the Muslim Faith. That should have been enough for to state the claim anything but False, he attended and was raised as a Muslim and anyone who wants to know the truth that is also available, because BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, ACKNOWLEDGED IT HIMSELF...AGAIN IT IS CALLED READING, his book would help...they even follow the false statement claim with the listed history and further it with near Advertising plug for him!! You, with your referenced information sites, that guess what, Miss Genius, these sites are ran by someone who we don't even know, nor, know anything about them or their political agenda, who imputed the information they word and deem correct and people like you don't question the in EXTREMELY FALSE INFORMATION...but you would have us just accept and believe they are truthful statements, even though on Colonial North it is archived!! You just proved another INACCURATE CLAIM AND FALSE STATEMENT concerning Colonial Oliver North, WHICH WITH YOUR HELP THEY ARE PERPETRATING!

Number Three: The Imam at that school was of the Radical Islamic Doctrine, maybe you can do some actual research on this and fill us in with his Name in the future, it is out there and I don't have it available at present or I would be glad to share.His Mother was either Atheist or Agnostic at best.His, so called pastor of 20 Years is of the Radical AFRICAN THEOLOGY, WHICH, IF HIS TIRADE WASN'T ENOUGH TO PROVE IT, with his "God Damn America" in the house of God, YOUR TOO SICK TO HELP ANYWAY...they ARE indoctrinating or educating, whichever your little senses can handle, a movement and mind set that would have an AFRICAN STATE IN AMERICA, not AFRICAN-AMERICAN, DO YOU GET IT YET...and another issue BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA GAVE SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNTS TOO this extended arm of Jeremiah Wright and others, for 20 years...EVEN THOUGH CHARITY IS NOT A LARGE MONETARY CONSIDERATION OF HIS...COUPLE THAT WITH ACORN and his donation there, I'M SURE YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH on this either but they will come out!!ON TOP OFthe NOT TO BE REVEREND JEREMIAH WRIGHT HIS OTHER CONNECTIONS ARE: LOUIS FARRAKHAN, have you heard of him or the self proclaimed Terrorist William Ayers, who you apparently attended some of his classes in the University of Illinois, cause you have the same appreciation for truth. Well, most people feel they have the right to bring this information to the public because when Terrorist are now teaching in our Institutions of higher Education, we are the only ones who will??

Number Four: Discernment takes looking at numerous circumstances surrounding a case and having the insight to question the outcome of each scenario?? Many are concerned that anyone who has the top military secrets and military might of the United States of America be above reproach. At this time in our History with the Radical Islamic Movement that has taken hold through their enormous population as well as tax funded Madrasses, not only in Europe but throughout American and the world, it is time to have the facts stated!! We have them and I am not comfortable having anyone with BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA'S CONNECTIONS IN THE OVAL OFFICE, PERIOD...SOMEONE WHO HAS OPENLY STATED HE WOULD GIVE CREDENCE TO A SELF PROCLAIMED IDIOT IN IRAN WHO REPEATEDLY STATES HE WILL ANNIHILATE ISRAEL AND THE GREAT SATAN, AMERICA, NOTWITHSTANDING PRAISES THOSE WHO ATTACKED US ON OUR SOIL, DID WE MENTION THAT... IF FACTS DON'T EFFECT YOU THEN I HOPE YOU ARE THE ONE TO SUFFER THE SHARIA LAWS AND HAVE TERRORIST ON YOUR STREETS NOT MINE.

Number Five: Educate yourself on Radical Islam and why they hate you...many Muslims are trying to tell you but you are relying on and other sites with a totally different agenda for America!

Number Six: McCain will not cower to terrorist, he has been terrorized before, too bad you haven't for you would have sense enough to be fearful that truth is being silenced. That a man with Radical Theologies is being considered for the highest office in Land with all our lives at stake in a time when war has been waged by that radical element his past has embraced!!! Maybe, you won't tire of yours friends being blown up in the streets as in Europe by the same Jihad that blew up those in the Twin Towers, or are you tired of those as well??

Number Seven: It is the Leadership of America and the blessings of America at stake. There will be no peace until the Prince of Peace Returns...For no one will know what hour he may come??We can not fathom that a Holy War has been set against us, the Jihad, the Twin Towers should have brought you that reality, but as some say, you can't fix stupid...I shouldn't be so painfully blunt, I tried to say to myself, "there go I except by the grace of God" but then after reviewing your email, noottt...again, you can't fix stupid!!!But we are to be watchman and know the time and the season to discern our future. You better get your head out of the sand or other dirty locations before it is too late..

Again, I encourage you to read, start with the Colonial North's Congressional Hearings, then Facts on Barack Hussein Obama, it wouldn't hurt to read up on the Nation of Islam's American Leader Louis Farrakhan. The list goes on but I question if accuracy is your goal??

I'm proud to be voting against Barack Hussein Obama!! (What an idiot!!)

All I can say is OMG - This guy deserves to have McCain and Palin as his president/vp.

Maybe they can all move to Alaska when they withdrawl from the US with the Alaskan Independence Party.

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The Devil Dog said...

That is truly scary. That guy is totally a nutcase.
I have never been so worried about an election before. I am afriad McCain will steal it, like the Republicans before him. I pray it won't happen.